Market Day: Saturday 5th May

Starting time 8:30 am

Needed: Books, clothes, garage sale items and bric-a-brac for various stalls.  Gardeners, we need plants to sell: cooks we need jams, cakes and other baked goods and those from who are crafty we need craft items.

Please NO ELECTRICAL ITEMS as we are unable to carry out the necessary safety checks.

More helpers are needed on the day. Even an hour or two of your time will help if you cannot come for the whole morning.

Also we need people to pack up chairs and set up the MPC. Generally this is done Thursday evening leaving Friday available for stall holders to set up.

Please fill in the roster at the back of the church so I have some idea who is doing what.

Note that as last year the starting time is 8:30. Stall holders need to have stalls fully staffed from 8:00 am.

Rachel Neely (coordinator)

Lent and Easter Services 2018

In this season of the Church ‘s Year we’ll be using  the Lent Event material each week to remind ourselves of our calling to help those less fortunate, and to deepen our global concern. We’ll also have lunchtime reflections each Wednesday.


Sunday 25th March– 9.00am third Sunday in Lent: The Road Ahead

Sunday 25th March – 5.00pm. A Special Kids’ Church on Palm Sunday. Songs, Craft, Stories and sausages!

Wednesday 28th March  -12.30pm Lenten Reflection ‘Communion’

Thursday 29th March – 7.00pm special Last Supper Seder

Friday 30th March (Good Friday) 9.00am – hearing again the story of Jesus’ Passion.

Sunday 1st April (Easter Sunday) 9.00am – let us celebrate Jesus’ resurrection!

Sustainability Action Group

Spurred to action by the recent War on Waste program on the ABC, eight of us got together on 28th June to talk about why we are interested in our responsibility for the environment as Christians and as concerned individuals. We know that we reflect a wider concern within our congregation. Our church life profile from the recent survey tells us that there is not one of us who thinks that, as Christians, we do not have a responsibility to care for the environment. While 74% of us said we are active, 26% said that they were not.

Our conversation was wide ranging and lively. We have so many ideas. Each of us has taken away one thing to research for the next meeting. The aim is to help each member of the congregation find ways that we can act to lessen the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. We will also be looking at ways that Campbelltown Uniting can take steps to recycle and make well informed purchases.

What’s next? Look out for weekly tips in the newsletter.

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