Advent and Christmas Services

This Advent and Christmas we’ll look at how the themes of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace play out in the real world.

Sunday 27th November – 9.00am – Turning swords into ploughs – hope for peace. We’ll also be celebrating a baptism!

Sunday 4th December – 9.00am – Communion and looking at wolves lying down with lambs. Reconciliation and peace

Sunday 11th December – 9.00am – Kid’s Church sings of joy and justice

Sunday 18th December – 9.00am – how do we respond to the Christmas messages

Christmas Eve – 6.00pm BBQ and sharing, followed at 7.00pm by a festival of carols

Christmas Day – 9.00am – a Christmas celebration service

Sunday 1st January – 9.00am – As we start the new year we will celebrate communion with a difference.

Introduction to the Bible


Who wrote it?

Who put it together?

Why are there so many translations?

Why are there so many disagreements about what it means?

Any questions you have about the Bible, we’re going to explore in four sessions this November. Next meeting Thursday 17th in the Green Room,  at 7.30pm All are welcome

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